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Re: Digital art ergonomics - what's your setup?

Originally Posted by b'anna
You won't get a picture of mine because it is just plain scary it is so bad. I have a 10 x 10 room. on one wall I have my computer desk. I have one 22 inch cintiq and one 22 inch monitor next to it. It has a shelf on top that has my big printer and scaner.

Good, so without a picture, can you try to describe where the Cintiq and monitor are WRT each other, and what orientation is the Cintiq in? Is it flat and down low like a keyboard, or more vertical, like a monitor and if so, how do you support your arm and wrist while using it? Where is your mouse and keyboard? Can you access your mouse and keyboard easily while drawing on your Cintiq?

Thanks in advance for further clarification!
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