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Re: A little love for our art schools! Tell about yours!


Two of the dudes from Team Macho, Aoki and Lauchie, teach painting in the illustration department (BDES side of things). Unfortunately Stephen Appleby-Barr who tried hard to be very cryptic, but ended up being very open about ideas and techniques, left for better things in Berlin. The other two give you information in class; yet, don't like engaging with the students outside of class too often, so questions about techniques are seldom answered. Kevin Bae is also a quite good Painting prof, able to give excellent demos, but his techniques for teaching, although interesting, do not express the theory well enough.

We also have profs that are classically trained in the drawing and painting department (BFA side of things); however, they do not teach what they know as they prefer to push people to abstraction in the drawing and painting program, even when taking an intermediate figurative painting class.

In Illustration, Materials and Methods are glossed over in favour of digital techniques, even though most of the profs prefer traditional work; yet, in the drawing and painting department, you are given more time to acquaint yourself with traditional mediums. But, unlike ateliers, your learning is left up to you and your own research. This is sad, because in order to paint better digitally, you need to truly understand traditional techniques and theories, and be exposed to the possible use of textures via traditional sources, so you can emulate them digitally.

Everyone here in the illustration department seems to prefer flat art and comic styles to academic painting. In truth graphic forms are preferred here in general.

In the illustration program, despite the poor instruction for traditional work, and the now weak drawing instruction as the more open and skilled profs and TAs have left, there are some great students here. But we are learning how to improve on our own, and if we are successful, it is because of the time we are putting into having "conversations with the paint" in parallel to the work required by the school.

I've learned a lot, but I feel I'm still in need of a good mentor to help guide me in improving my drawing and painting skills; as those I felt were great mentors moved on to pursue opportunities elsewhere. It's not the same talking to someone via txt, as it is in person.

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