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Re: " Monet's Water Garden"

Originally Posted by artistjames
Impressionistic paintings from the period tend to use looser brushwork that relies on visual blending that takes place as the viewer moves farther away from the painting. In your painting I think the elements are too clearly defined to be impressionistic. There is nothing wrong with that, and by all means the picture should first be yours, rather than a copy of another style.
Thank you for your input Yes I think my style is falling between the Impressionistic and realism with a touch of fantasy; I"m not aware of any said name for this type of style. There are many of my other works posted here on WC threw out the many channels if you care to see other's. I also make wooden pieces posted here on WC here
This site is very hard to find and think they need to put it on the main page with the other channels.
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