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Re: Scavenger Hunt #618 - Jan 16-24

Joe - Oh, I had the scale of the bear all wrong. My daughter's little rocking chair is maybe 2 feet tall. She was able to sit in it when she was little.

Individuo - a little... I just practiced trying to fill in areas smoothly -- not drawing just painting blobs and lines and areas. A few things:
  • It works better with a light touch and working quickly
  • It works better if the brush is a little drier
  • If the brush has too much liquid, the ink "granulates" ( I'm not sure that's the right word... it makes tiny dark speckles instead of a smooth tone )
  • I was holding the brush too tightly
  • It's difficult to smoothly fill in a large area

I might try some more this evening. Also, one evening I spent about an hour trying to make a sky like in this one, and never got anything even remotely close

I was looking at old scavenger hunts and Joan T did some ink wash in Oct 2018 that look a lot like what I want to learn. I'm wondering if sometimes it might help to wet the paper first like watercolor people do "wet in wet". I haven't tried it yet.

I did a sketch at the beach yesterday... tired tonight, might be the first day I don't sketch something ( my daughter says "it's great to sketch every day but don't make it pressure or be hard on yourself if you miss a day, because then it will be harder to start again".. she's 40 years younger than me but sometimes wiser ) If I paint some blobs into the sketchbook there will be something in there from today... also, a couple months ago the idea of filling a sketchbook being a goal sounded like a good goal but not very likely to happen. Now I can't believe how fast it's filling up, and there's not much doubt that I'm going to fill it. Wish I'd put dates on the first ones, they were about a year ago I think, all in pencil. The exercises I did from "right side of the brain" were before that on a scratch pad, and I didn't keep them all. It's just recently that something changed.. I think it was trying to use ink, which I would have said was impossible and crazy and I could never draw something in ink!!!

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