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Re: Scavenger Hunt #618 - Jan 16-24

NedL - great job on the sink. I like the ducky items. :-) This happens to me, I think I'm looking straight and I get above the sketch in my drawing. I do it in landscape painting, too. Something in perspective lines. Don't worry about it, enjoy and practice. We wouldn't know if you didn't tell us.

Joe, Spanish is fun.. I love the little nurse animal. And in a chair as a bonus! Nice work.

Individuo, such a great car. You did a super drawing. Cars are so hard for me. You see lots of those and other small cars I bet. When we were in Chile there were many. We would park in a lot and when we came back to get our car there would be cars all around it. They would pick them up and move them to get to ours. We had a small Dodge station wagon and it dwarfed many of the cars. We thought our car was small. Ha.

Ai, happy birthday and we will be waiting to hear your playing. :-)

I sketched in the big book again. It barely fit between me and the steering wheel in the little car. I didn't want to move the car out into the rain to get in the passenger side. I sketched the view from the dining room as it is rainy and cloudy today. Micron 02 pen.

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