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Re: P.A.L. (Paint-a-Long): Edges, lost and found, hard and soft....

Meryl - a lovely, fresh, still life - paint more, you're good at 'em! Nice job with the leaves too

Hopen - thank you for joining us Nice to see two stages of this too - I'm not sure the order of them, but I like the colours of the apples in the first and the softer modelling of the pot in the second! I think you've done well and hope you will join us in another P.A.L.

Carol - glad to see you here! (We all must do different things as the creative urge urges us to!!!) ... so pleased this has been of benefit to you, even without painting

Lil - are you happier with this now? The two photos look quite different! Very smooth apples and good drama in the tone work .... I think this is a good, solid piece of work - I like it1

April - I know you've been busy - but thanks for following it

Sandra - ncgirl - you can still paint along if you want to - though the rest of us done, the thread is still active as long as anyone wants to work from it
When I start the next one, will PM all in this thread so you won't miss out!

As to the next one, you do mean to test me don't you! I'm not a seascape painter but we can give it a try.
Meanwhile, if you're really stuck, check the Information Kiosk > Classroom Index > Seascapes by MartyC.
Similarly Susan, Chammi did a Classroom on fur and feathers some time ago - the thread is in the Classroom Index too - might help.

We can certainly do SL again Judy - and consider ways of adding pizzazz .... (I'd find that much easier than the seascape, but perhaps better to have a little space between Still Life works)

OK Peeps, will find my thinking cap and see what I can come up with
Cheers, Maureen

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