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Re: Best Landscape books

I was making the color charts for a while. I actually enjoyed making them. It speeded up my mixing. I learned very quickly which colors are very strong and which are weak. How much white it takes to actually change to the next value. It is a good exercize. I would highly recommend it to any begining artist.

Another good book is "How Did You Paint That? 100 Landscape Paintings" I think that is the title. It was suggested to me and I bought it off Ebay for $18.00. They have 100 paintings, oil, acrylics, pastels, watercolor. Each one is by a different artist. They deal with design, technique, color, composition and a variety of other things. They talk BRIEFLY about how they laid it out, and painted each painting. Some offer tips, mostly painting Plein Aire. The one thing I found disappointing about the book, is they don't go into enough detail about how they painted. I do like he way they have a thumb nail painting at the beginning of the book with a number. Then you can easily and quickly find the number to read about the painting.

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