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Re: red dresses

Originally Posted by WC Lee
first, I really like the comp and colors the things that catches my eyes is that on both the figures, the ears are way too high on their heads and on the girl in the back, her right eye can be raised a little bit higher on her face. I included a photoshopped version to show what I mean oh ignore all the other little marks I did, got a tendency to do more than what I want to show

thanks for this insight.......tho one has to remember that the heads are tipped forwards, and no matter what, the ears need to line up - tops of the ears in line with eyebrows, and bottoms of ears in line with mouth. I always remember my tutor drawing on an egg, putting ears on the side and a dotted line round from the top and bottoms of the ears, to the front. Then, showing what happens when you tip the egg forwards or backwards - the ears still line up in this way. I should have remembered that when doing this painting, since you are definitely right about the front girl...she looks like Dr Spock's offspring! See I knew it was a good idea to show you guys, thanks a lot.

Just for fun, here is the photo I my own defence, I think I could be forgiven, her ears do seem quite high on her head!

Adiro.....I did an entire exhibition of dancer pics a while ago, and I visited two dance studios, to sketch and take photos, and also went behind the scenes at a dance festival with sketchbook and camera, stood in the wings and got some super images out of it.

Here is one:

For this new set of images, I cannot work in quite the same style, so I hope the new ones will have a different "look".

These particular dancers were culled from photos taken by a friend of mine who also used to paint dancers. They are two quite separate photos, the dancer modelled in her living room, so I "made up" the flats behind them, from memory of what I had seen before, and also, the girl wore a short tutu, so I made up the skirts too. I reversed one of the photos, THAT was a bit of challenge because I had to reverse the light too! Having done quite a lot of these images before, I felt I knew, more or less, how to tackle those things. But it does account for my feeling a bit wobbly about doing it.

thanks for your help and encouragement.