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Re: Beginner Color - how do you know?

Originally Posted by DamenFaltor
Awesome points everyone, I am learning so much!

I am working on training my eye to see colors instead of things. So prior to me wanting to paint/draw, when I looked at the world I saw things: a rock with a shadow on grass. But now I look and that shadow is a darker, slightly less saturated green-yellow color with a specific shape. I'm... deconstructing what I see into shapes, edges, and colors. My wife has started looking at me funny while I stare blankly into the distance - she probably thinks I am going senile, when what I am trying to do is see the world in a different way.

And... the more I do that, the more realistic my art is becoming. I feel like I've started to understand the "secret" to making art.

the best tip I can give you for when you are walking outside looking at things is to note the color of the sunshine sunrise sunset cloudy skies etc.. they are all different colors of ambient light. non-artists will adjust automatically and see the grass as the same exact green in all lighting conditions.
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