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Re: "eye moves around the image"

Originally Posted by Keith2
Thank you for the link to the article on eye tracking. It's the best account I've ever read about how a viewer's eyes scans a picture - and it's based on experimental evidence, not conjecture
There is still some conjecture, however, of the notion that the movement of our attention directly follows the movement of the eyes. This is briefly touched upon in the conclusion where the author states "Curving lines or other devices may be "felt" in some way peripherally, but the eye doesn't move along them." Our eyes are constantly moving in jumps from one place to another regardless of what we're doing, but this is rarely how we perceive it .

With regards to composition, it does seem reasonable to assume that the amount of time the eye spends in one place is in proportional to the amount of attention we give to that place. There is, however, nothing in the conclusions of that article which contradicts or is incompatible with compositional theories based on the journey our focus of attention takes when moving around an image.