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whitish succulents

Original, uncropped and unedited, taken 11/30/18. Poor composition and too soft.

(Nikon D7500 with Nikkor 18-200mm taken at 105mm, aperture priority, f/18, 1/10 sec, ISO 500)

version 1 - Cropped of course, then some pretty standard adjustments in ACR and PSCS5; a better composition, but still rather mediocre.

version 2 - After applying an artistic filter (Painting 4) from Foto Sketcher.

version 3 - I took #2 further; really pushed the color intensity and contrast and applied a bit of an Orton Effect glow; perhaps I went too far.

I think I prefer #2, although #3 certainly has more impact.

I included the original in case anyone wanted to play. You all are welcome to have at it.
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