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Re: 'Round the Campfire ~ January 2020

Huh? Did someone say something? Sorry! I'm hard of hearing, you'll have to speak up. Hahaha.

Well as for me, I been working 12 hour days plowing snow and treating ice so travelers are safe. When I'm not busy doing that, I'm remodeling a closet in my 120 year old farm house my great grandpappy built in 1900. First I had to move stuff out of the way that I haven't touched in over 20 years. Going through it seeing what's been destroyed by mice and is just trash. Then I'm insulating the walls and nailing up sheets of white board. Brightens up the room and makes the house warmer. A little, not a lot warmer. The closet is open to the attic so it is a cold mother SHUT YOUR MOUTH! LOL reminded me of the song from the 70s about Shaft with Richard Roundtree that they remade recently with Samuel L. Jackson. The song had a line in it saying he was a bad mother... Shut your mouth! Anyway I. Hope ya got a chuckle and not offended.

I finished my painting this morning for the January challenge, but didn't have time to make it smaller and share it. I snapped a pic of my studio in it's current state of sad condition I'll share here too.

Later! Happy painting!
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