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Re: Daily Wash Saturday 25th January 2020

Evening all. The good news is Iím feeling much better and the plumber came when he said he would. He'll have to come back next week with 'bits' as he could only do a temporary fix today, and, great news Uschi, he is willing to go down into the crawl space and work underneath the floor. We have oak strip flooring and we were worried about having to lift it as itís been there for years. The problem is a leaky pipe running from one of the hall radiators, so he's going to fit a new one.

Marshall, the London area is enormous. Can I suggest you work out what it is you want to see and have a look on They are very good at showing places on a map and they have reviews and lots of pictures. Other accommodation sites are available, including Airbnb. We used to live in London so the only time Iíve booked accommodation was when we flew back into Heathrow from Delhi and had missed our flight back up north. We decided to return on the train insread so found a hotel between St Pancras and Euston stations that was open 24/7. Thatís why I like a site with a good map and lots of information. You would probably want to be near a tube station or bus route.

My ES is a big fan of Airbnb but Iíve never tried it. Good luck with your search.

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