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Re: Daily Wash Saturday 25th January 2020

Brian is at the gym and Iím supposed to be following shortly. I donít think I will. Iím still tired from having the family over yesterday (those boys are exhausting) and one of my heels is sore. I might wait until tomorrow.

The temps are around freezing with a chance of light freezing rain. Brian can go uptown to get parts for the electrical problem after he checks it out but I donít feel like shopping. I have plans for making a nice lunch and supper. I did most of the housework yesterday so except for the meals, watering plants, and putting laundry away, I will have a relaxing day.

I have been following the virus outbreak with more interest than the political news. There are confirmed cases in France, Australia, and the US now. It will be worldwide soon and Iím just waiting to hear accurate lethality percentages and containment success rates to decide how much to prepare. Iím not going to spread unfounded panic here but I suggest we should all keep up with news on it. Itís changing every few hours. Our family may seem a bit (ok, maybe more than a bit) paranoid but we have plans ready to follow in case of disasters. We are not preppers, have no stockpiles of supplies etc, but we feel more prepared with a plan. Keep in mind I was a nurse working in ICU during the SARS outbreak and was on the team developing a hospital plan for dealing with a future outbreak so Iím aware of whatís going on in the background and what certain things that might appear as a small news story isnít telling.

Iím getting hungry so Iím going to start prepping for lunch (frittata sandwiches) and get the small chores done. Enjoy your weekend everyone.
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