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Re: Daily Wash Saturday 25th January 2020

Good Morning!!!

A high of 0C and dull, rain expected.

I meant to go to the Senior Centre but woke up too late unless I really wanted to rush around and I didn't want that

More Door painting, knitting, grocery shopping etc.

Annie, how is the emerging grass dealing with your wildlife, or maybe the other way around???

Rod , same here!!!

QS Hugs for the very painful sciatica and another for the leak. Where does one look for the leak if everything is covered in wallboard or floorboards???????

Rachel, hopefully there is something really good on TV to make it worth the thrill of watching what you want to watch.

Carol, those little popcorn thingies are nasty, glad you got rid of it, sorry it cost you your sleep. The movie/popcorn routine is a north American thing, I never learned that part of movie going until I came here hence I am not in the habit of doing so. Also makes going to the theatre an expensive outing

Marshall and Doug, you keep your PC problems to yourself, NO sharing, you hear me

Char, I am so glad you managed to have such a good anniversary dinner, for a good day today!!!

Bill, re water, we don't have such a thing

Hi Steve, Doug and Sylvia!!

People hear what they want to hear so the question is did they hear what Schiff said so brilliantly or were they busy playing with toys, chatting or snoozing to distract them from hearing?? "The Party" is not a thing but a group of people hopefully with a conscience and integrity.

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