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Re: The Shutterbug Pub, Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Originally Posted by dlwilliams48
Lorell, not sure why your bubble didn't freeze... would the sugar (syrup) make that much difference? I can only repeat what the photographer who posted the recipe said. One of these days I will give it a shot.

There is a local 2 meter net here on Wednesday night but I haven't checked in for a number of weeks now. But a few of us meet at a local BK to have coffee and just visit for an hour or so.

I like old farm equipment, cars, trucks, etc as well as old buildings. Those are always good subjects. You captured them well.

Thanks Don,
Local club here, meets once a month in person then does their net on Sundays.
They also do Field Day. I did 2 of their field day photos a long time ago.
DH isn't an active member of the club anymore so we haven't been to FD in a long while.

Thanks, the photos I took were snapshots at this
little town, (Bostwick, GA)
which is often a destination via backroads when we are out riding.
Thats where the festival with the vintage tractor parade was.
The Northeast GA 2 Cylinder Club.

We love old stuff too.
I always feel like these things are slipping away and with them, a big part of our history.
So I grab what I can out there with my camera!
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