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Re: The Shutterbug Pub, Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Thanks for opening the Pub today, Don!
I agree with Lorell; the sharp details in the cornstalk
against the background made the photo.
Nice shot!
Is it HAM check in day?
The locals here do their check in's on Sunday evenings.

Haha Lorell!
VERY cute!
They are the strangest looking creatures!
Always smiling but would spit in your face in a flash!
Sneaky, huh?
The photos make me smile!

I'll have to go archive-diving for something to post.
If I can get one within an hour, I'll just edit and include it in this

Hope everyone is having a good week!

These from 2014
Small cotton town
(we visit here a lot)

Oh Deere

Old Cotton Gin Building

That pile in front of the brick building is ginning fluff well into
compost phase.

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