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Re: What are your oil pastel goals for 2020?

Good thread. (maybe... )
With lots of goals stated, and I hope you (we) are all successful.
I haven't thought about that until reading all of yours, and you've --inspired--me a bit. I haven't done much art stuff for several months, maybe goal setting will help.
I am preparing a package for my 7 yo GD --correspondence art school.
besides listing youtube videos for beginning watercolor, there are 4 WC and one gouache project in it, with materials to complete one. She has the stuff at home for the others.

Today i hope to send oil pastel videos (for beginners), as well as a project or two. She has a 12 bar set of Cray-pas Sakura I gave her a year or so ago, and her mother gave her a boxed set from Michael's of 24 OPs, pencils, and paint. So I guess she likes the OP's.

SO one goal is to help her along with art lessons, which will also help me, with all 3. I do thumbnails and many times sketches with OPs before going with oil paint.

Other goals: I have several paintings first completed in about 1980's, and though they were WONDERFUL THEN, now look about 3/4 finished so plan to work on them. (And finish them again!)

I have three paintings started, and will finish them.

Ideas for several others to get onto paper, maybe even canvas.

AND, get out the oil bars again.
Another, to actually accomplish the above ...
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