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Re: What are your oil pastel goals for 2020?

Raizes, I use a scanner too. Loads better than a camera!

To improve is a constant goal of mine, but this year I'm also going to play. I'm going to sketch and experiment and develop my style. The series of twenty I completed end of last year has opened all new doors. I'm going to do lots of small works so I'm less precious about them.

I would also like to sell a painting this year. Just one, not asking for huge commercial success but I would like to get out there. I've sold in the past, mostly animal-based commissions, but nothing I've dreamt up and painted off my own back.

I'm going to do more of the oil pastel challenges too. Where the monthly challenges are based on words or a theme, I am going to do hyena paintings or clothed figures. Better get started on 'Red'!

Speaking of, tuscanny, happy to host again
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