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Re: What Happens in Your Brain ...

yeah have read the right side of the brain however what she is teaching you are being "taught" the "rules" of perspective etc...very damaging in fact if you are trying to break free from typical western perspective (which is all in fact a lie btw) One needs to apply oneself in a manner where one is trying to represent reality or the experience ie drawing a person for example trying to express an aspect of the character of the subject their personality etc finding or inventing a new way to communicate this artistically rather than just following "taught" rules..if that makes any sense..hope so

Read your blog about "the flow" Claude ...funny . It's so easy to get "the block" this world does not lend itself to being artistic it is a messed up place run by evil overlords with a skewed sense of perspective. One can not draw or paint anymore say a peacefull (or put across that feeling in a painting)scene of people walking in a park instead one is faced with painting a scene full of crazy people with an eratic sense of chaos in the air.Ie if it were a song and the art piece had a rhythm tempo and melody it would be dark jazz not some simple happy melody from the fifties !
Sculpture is what you bump into when you back up to see a painting..Barnett Newman

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