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Re: What are your oil pastel goals for 2020?

Happy New Year to you, too, Sarah! Good to see you.

My main goal is to keep going, continue to try new challenges, and try to improve my overall painting skills. I have liked some of my ideas, but I don't execute them all that well. Can be disheartening, but I try to be patient with myself because of my utter lack of training and experience. I can only gain experience by slogging forward!

Mira, I agree with you that drawing with OP's alone doesn't work well. I prefer to do whatever sketching I'm doing prior to a painting with soft pastels or just basic colored pencils. Soft pastels erase easily - and when you're not good at sketching, erasing mistakes is part of the process!

I'm pretty happy with my assortment of OP's. The addition of the van Gogh set and the expanded Neopastels set has been a big boon. Meaning, I doubt I'll be buying a lot this year other than paper. A previous goal of having a well-rounded selection of OP's has been reached. Yay!

Sarah, have you given yourself any goals?

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