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Re: What are your oil pastel goals for 2020?

Happy New Year, guys!

Sarah, good to see you, I was wondering where you have gone New Year was nice and I was happy I managed to do a festive sketch on Jan 1

I do have some clear goals.
1) I want to use the color more wisely: learn to create a harmonious, balanced palette.
2) I would love to find out what my own oil pastels style is. Till now, I have been copying other people's styles but I want to find what is close to me. I only know I don't like to use OPs as a drawing medium (I mean a pure drawing with visible strokes all over the work), but what do I like? I plan to find it out.

Curious about what goals you guys have
C & C welcome, I intend to get better with OPs
Get inspired with various artists' beautiful OP paintings in my blog's gallery: the blog is in Russian, but you can still enjoy the art done in our favorite medium! <3
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