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Appropriation Art

Appropriation art is a well-recognized modern and postmodern art form that has challenged the way people think about art, challenged the way people think about objects, images, sounds, culture"[47] On April 24, 2013, the appeals court largely overturned the original decision, deciding that many of the paintings had sufficiently transformed the original images and were therefore a permitted use.[48] See Cariou v. Prince.[49]

A short history describing how transformative use became the defining characteristic of fair use, and how, through a string of legal precedents, an idea that began as an academic paper became the law of the land.

The following are notable artists known for their use of pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation applied to them:

Ai Kijima
Aleksandra Mir
Andy Warhol
Barbara Kruger
Benjamin Edwards
Bern Porter
Bill Jones
Brian Dettmer
Burhan Dogancay
Christian Marclay
Cindy Sherman
Claes Oldenburg
Cornelia Sollfrank
Cory Arcangel
Craig Baldwin
Damian Loeb
Damien Hirst
David Salle
Deborah Kass
Dominique Mulhem
Douglas Gordon
Elaine Sturtevant
Eric Doeringer
Fatimah Tuggar
Felipe Jesus Consalvos
Genco Gulan
General Idea
George Pusenkoff
Georges Braque
Gerhard Richter
Ghada Amer
Glenn Brown
Gordon Bennett
Graham Rawle
Graig Kreindler
Greg Colson
Hans Haacke
Hans-Peter Feldman
J. Tobias Anderson
Jake and Dinos Chapman
James Cauty
Jasper Johns
Jeff Koons
Joan Miró
John Baldessari
John McHale
John Stezaker
Joseph Cornell
Joseph Kosuth
Joy Garnett
Karen Kilimnik
Kelley Walker
Kenneth Goldsmith
Kurt Schwitters
Lennie Lee
Leon Golub
Louise Lawler
Luc Tuymans
Luke Sullivan
Malcolm Morley
Marcel Duchamp
Marcus Harvey
Mark Divo
Marlene Dumas
Martin Arnold
Matthieu Laurette
Max Ernst
Meret Oppenheim
Michael Landy
Mike Bidlo
Mike Kelley
Miltos Manetas
Nancy Spero
Nikki S. Lee
Norm Magnusson
PJ Crook
Pablo Picasso
Sigmar Polke
People Like Us
Peter Saville
Philip Taaffe
Pierre Bismuth
Pierre Huyghe
Reginald Case
Richard Prince
Rick Prelinger
Rob Scholte
Robert Longo
Robert Rauschenberg
Shepard Fairey
Sherrie Levine
Elaine Sturtevant
System D-128
Ted Noten
Thomas Ruff
Tom Phillips
Vik Muniz
Vikky Alexander
Vivienne Westwood
Yasumasa Morimura


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