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Re: The Spotlight - June 2019 - Finale

Ooh is this going away!!

I have not been to canvas for a long time because there were some security issues with the website it was not a https. Now when I come back and see
this nice forum has end it is sad.

I have seen so many nice people here and it has been sooo fun to critique
others and get critique my self.


It has really helped to get critique and meet the people here.

If there has not been many people here lately I can sure understand why it has ended.

But what shall you Don do now? Are you going to be at the pastel forums and show us your paintings?

I wonder where all the people are?

I would like to go back from beginning and look at the lessons and paintings
will it be open for that?

If in future there is some interest for using the same photo and paint from and critique each other like this thread but without the lessons will it be possible?

Ruthie lovely painting. What are you doing now, are you painting outside being here?

I will have to look at watergirls paintings, they are so lovely also.

Allydoodle I wonder where she is, and all the others that used to be here.
There were also a guy painting birds, it was a fun time.

I wish you all the best and that you find subjects to paint which make you happy!!!!!!!

Thank you again Don. It is priceless what you have done!!! It meant a lot!!!