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Re: Seeking Advise for Animal's Painting

Originally Posted by pastelartprints
I am a self-professed newbie Pastel painter and thinking to draw and paint some animals. Would it be a source of income for me, or should I paint humans as I believe people seem to have less respect for those who draw or paint animals than those who draw or paint humans?

I am not sure who these "people" are who have no respect for animal painters/artists. I think making up your own mind should be based on your love of the genre, not whether more money can be gotten from it. (Speech over). I personally think there is something deeply artistic/ spiritual about painting something that is vastly different from you, as a human. Studying and depicting animals is nearly a scientific challenge. I do not believe that people dislike animal art. I do think that some animals are symbolic and so they do sell a bit better than others. I think if you are just beginning, then try both, get good at it, and then show them around-- also see what you like better. I am very good at depicting human figures, but animals were always more of a challenge, so I went for that-- with reasonable success. I always go by the adage, "do what you love, the money will follow." If you become prolific, versatile, and excellent in what you do, you will sell. But remember, the first years of this journey will be filled with garbage and ruin, as far as art is concerned. Give yourself 5 years and see the difference.
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