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Re: Song In the Night

what a terrible news.
what a terrible news.
*my deepest condolences, a hug, your mother was a fantastic artist and certainly a really strong woman and a wonderful person (the words with which she accompanied the work were as powerful and moving as her art.)
It is the first time that I post on this forum but weeks ago I had seen this work and I had fallen in love with it (his words then struck in the same way, it excites so much and there is so much admiration for her), I often pass on this page to admire it (considering famous paintings, drawings, etc. it is perhaps one of the works in which I have lost myself several times, every time I look at it I feel the same magic) and therefore I had to write for a while to say this and I really loved this work, this work I find it a true masterpiece, but all the works in signature, site, is a wonderful artist, an incredible artist and I have no words, not the right ones, I will look for his other works but it is really bad that the world has lost the chance to admire new works of such a brilliant artist.
*sublime technique, poetry, fantasy, love.
there is everything in his works, all the things for which one falls in love with art .
thank you so much
C & C welcome

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