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Re: Seeking Advise for Animal's Painting

Whether or not it would be a source of income is hard to answer. Where you live, whether you're extremely good at painting animals, and what the tastes seem to be where you are.

I'd say to just set yourself up somewhere and paint in public---with your own pet or a friend's pet. If passersby show interest, and if your location has a lot of people who are very devoted to their pets, as well as it being a location where the people going by would be of a social standing that's upper class and not a poor area, you could see how this would go over as a market. Make or order some business cards and keep them handy.

Do you work with oil pastels or soft pastels?

I don't know why you think people who paint animals are less respected. I don't think that's the case. Especially now, when the baby boomers are everywhere and most of them have pets. I just turned 73 and in my experience, it seems everyone has a pet or two that they're very devoted to, so I'd think you might get some nibbles if you were to find a way to come in contact with the elderly.
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