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Re: Basics 101: Class 2 - Foundation of Perspective

Oh! Thank you so much! I just couldn't logic that out! But now it makes perfect sense. However, I don't understand what the blue line is?

The guy standing on the left's eyes are exactly on the horizon line (actually it goes through his head!) but I think in my photograph the drawing is slanted down towards the right. The top of the third step is exactly on the horizon line.

And that makes me realize I had one more question when I was trying to draw that top step that falls above the horizon line. I was able to tell where to draw the distant horizontal and vertical ends of the three lower steps because of the guidelines that went to the vanishing point. But when the step fell above the horizon line, there was nothing to guide me to know where the vertical line of the far end of that top step went. I just guessed at that, too, but is there some method? It seems there must be.

Edited to add: plus, I clearly guessed very wrongly, since it's longer than the step below it in the distance and it's shorter than the step below it in the foreground!
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