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Homework for Class 2 - Exercise 2 - One Point Perspective

I have started week 2 exercises. Here is my Exercise 2, (a) through (e), without the reiterations of (d) at different vanishing points, etc., which will follow in a day or two.

I know we haven't talked about people yet, so I won't ask about them, but I tried them out anyway. In general, after correcting a few errors, I seem to have arrived at correct perspective, but not necessarily correct scale. Hopefully that will follow in a subsequent lesson.

Sorry there's no field/court or game! I started with random boxes first and hadn't planned it was going to turn into any kind of scenario!

Okay, I'm just going to ask my people question. How come the guy at the far end of the bleachers looks smaller than the guy standing near the farther away score post? I seemed to fit them in the lines toward the vanishing point correctly, but their sizes didn't come out right. Maybe it's because I had to guess at the size of the people sitting down and they actually should be bigger?

Feel free to come back to that question in a later lesson. I know I was just supposed to draw boxes, I just got carried away.
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