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Re:Fritting around

I start playing with frit. I'm waiting for some new mixes to come so I thought I would play with some of the single color frit I have. These are all North Star frits. All were rolled in the colored frit (melt in) then clear (melt in), then encased.

The base glass on all of theses is GA Ruby Blues

1. Double Amber Purple (DAP) frit
2. Green Amber Purple (GAP) frit
3. Silver Creek frit
4. Mystery Aventurine frit
5. Green Exotic frit
6. Yellow trans Frit
7. Aurora (flashed with propane before encasing)

All of these are on Momka Green Envy

8. DAP frit
9. GAP frit
10. Aurora -NOT flashed
11. Aurora -Flashed

When using NS Aurora, or any of their exotic colors, you can get some interesting results when combined with a striking glass and flashing with a propane rich flame. When you flash with propane, play with the oxyropane mix. You will need to hit the bead with a oxy mix (or at least neutral) before encasing.

If you face the right direction and hold your breath just right you can get some cool oil slick looks.

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