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Re: The Incomplete Journals - Resurrected?

Xina - this is fantastic work! I agree with Debby's comments, and in addition, I think being active on this forum will help keep you motivated to continue on. I think it would have been a miracle if you had chosen the "right" sketchbook journal for yourself the first time around. I think we can only figure out what works for us by trying out different things.

Your sketches in the first book are wonderfully lively and spontaneous. But, I can see that it would be frustrating to find it so limited in terms of what materials it will take. And the second book is so good! You have a wonderful, intriguing mix of images and words.

I sometime let my perfectionist tendancies get in my way. If I have a book I planned to do one thing in, I have a hard time letting myself regroup and do something else in it. So after all, what would be wrong with a book that had BOTH daily musings and the things you actually see around you every day?? If you're reasonably satisfied with the paper in the second book, why not use it for both purposes? Meanwhile, keep looking around. As you learn more about what YOU want to do and how YOU want to work, you may find a journal that is even more perfect for you.

Meanwhile, I hope you keep posting to this thread. I really like the everyday aspect of your musings and seeing the things around you.

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