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Re: Are Sta-Wet pallets firm enough to mix colours?

Originally Posted by ArtySinger
Cheaper & easier to make your own. I use a large Tupperware container with a lid. (with low sides) Cover the bottom of the container with kitchen paper towel (a couple of layers) wet this so it´s damp. Cover this with a layer of greaseproof baking paper & you´re all set to go. Squeeze the paints onto this & keep the lid on when not in use. My paints will stay fresh & workable for a couple of weeks easily.( I usualy spray the paints with a little water befor putting the top on.)

This is almost exactly what I do. Low side large tupperware from the second hand store with a sealable lid. Kitchen parchment paper over the bottom to make clean up easier. Damp paper towel on the parchment paper and paints laid out on that. When I need to change paint, the parchment paper lifts out easily for clean up.

Paint stays workable for a long time. At least a week.

I use a modified version of this for plein air, using a smaller sealable plastic container that was used for take-away pad Thai with the damp paper towel at the bottom.
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