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Re: A digital from Paint the Masters

Hi Cindy, I just love doing digital. I primarily use Procreate. It is very easy to learn and they have even added text functions in the last few months. It is a one time purchase unlike Illustrator that ends up being about 600 plus a year. I do have that also but I can do almost anything in procreate. I also have Affinity designer. Which is a one time purchase and is closer to illustrator in functionality than procreate and is almost as easy as procreate to use. I also have some design apps that are super cheap and just great fun. They are iornament and icrafter they are usually bundled in the 5-6 dollar range. Procreate is about 50.00. I bought it when I first got my iPad so it was super cheap then. Affinity designer is about the same as Procreate. All of these apps are well worth the money.
The nice part about digital is that you can sit in a chair in front of the tv and still do art work and if you make mistakes all you have to do is hit the back button and it takes it away but saves it if you decides that you still want what you erased. It also has layer and different opacity levels and a en easy color wheel and or numeric equivalents of the color you want for an exact match. You can print or send the files right from the program and you donít have to have a lot of canvasses around that you have to store. And it doesnít cost 50.00 for white paint.
I watched a David Hockney video and he did a whole exhibit using his iPad and without the pencil. He just had all his work printed on canvas in a large size and hung them as is.
It is perfect for plen air painting as you still get to go outside do your artwork and donít have to take all. The equipment with you.
I still do traditional painting because I still like paint and the smell of the paint and the tactile qualities of an original painting. I do about 70% digital and 30% traditional. I use digital to work out the painting then I paint them and then photo them using the iPad and import them into the one of the programs where I may alter them some more and then I go back and make the changes on the original work of art.
Hope this helps. If you have any questions or need additional help with anything let me know. You can always call me to. If. You want my phone number just let me know and I will put it in a pm
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