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Re: May Monthly Challenge and Chat, 2019

Cheers Christel, Kay, Lil, Virginia and dorrart for commenting on the bird. The background was messy in my eyes but at least green and orange always go well together so my gaffe all that noticeable.

Was drawn to the path in your piece, dorrart. It still draws me each time I look at it. Can't really explain why; it may have to do with the light effect as it moves between the lit background and the darker foreground. Virginia expressed it better.

Lil, your lovely piece has reminded me to try gouache again. I used it differently long long ago, not fully utilising it as intended. So I am curious to see what the possibilities hold now.

The pelican pieces. What can I say other than I'm glad Kay and Christel chose them as challenges. I'm presently doing some large birds for a project of mine and they are not as easy as I originally thought.
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