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Re: Prismatoid's sketches - watch me grow

Good morning Drawing & Sketching. Here is today's self portrait.

There was a lot of correcting going on throughout the process today. I try to avoid erasing but it could not be helped in the situations where I ended up with 3-4 lines and needed to ensure that only the (most) correct one would be read.

I tried something a bit different with the construction. I've always started out with a circle/sphere before but this time I just did a cross of two straight lines and from there measured for the extremities of the head treating it like a rectangle/cuboid instead. Referencing Mr Bridgman now it seems this is (coincidentally) closer to what he does, the example drawings have boxes outlined around the "movable masses" of skull and ribcage and pelvis.

I also tried to make the lines more communicative by strengthening them where there was a stronger change in value (i.e. a shadow). You can see particularly around the hair/ear interactions and the jawline.

I have a slight problem. I always turn my head slightly to one side, which I think is because my vision is very poor without glasses--particularly in the right eye which is unfortunately the dominant one. I must be turning my head unconsciously to prioritize the better eye. This makes for a more difficult drawing because it's not a pure front view and since my drawing ability isn't sensitive enough to convey a subtle turn it just always looks like my nose is sliding to one side. I think it explains the weird Habsburg issues earlier! Unfortunately right now I don't know how to fix this other than drawing with glasses on (which I don't want to do for other practical reasons) or putting my head in a vice...

I also did another still life of the toys. Again pushing hard for absolute accuracy of basic shapes before going into detail. I erased a lot of the construction marks while I was clearing up smears but some can still be seen.

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