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Re: Prismatoid's sketches - watch me grow

This is Miss Pony

She's going to help me with accuracy and values!

Focused first on getting the drawing really accurate (it still isn't LOL) then tried blocking in some shadows. I had to redraw Miss Pony's head partway through because it was half the size it should have been, still don't know how I messed up that badly.

I got awfully smudgy because I'm used to digital painting where you just dive in anywhere you like and if you do that on a traditional pencil drawing your hand picks up the graphite and moves it around. I think I should try to put a piece of paper under my hand for this but it will be awkward since I had my book propped up at an angle to draw a more accurate representation of the picture-plane.

I am spraying my pencil drawings with hairspray to fix them but it's an old old old can and doesn't spray very well. As you can see I put too much on and it dribbled. Sorry Miss Pony
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