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Prismatoid's sketches - watch me grow

In sixteen years I have barely progressed as an artist. All I've drawn for the last seven or eight years in particular is digital cartoons and I am really in a horrible rut. I found a digital image from 2003 which isn't much worse than what I can do now. (cry)

My observational drawing stinks. My traditional media stinks. I also have never been able to keep a sketchbook going which is a crippling flaw.

I want to be able to paint convincing fantastical creatures and alien worlds digitally, and I want to be able to paint realistic landscapes and expressive portraits traditionally. I want to be the person who goes on a two week trip and fills up a sketchbook! So I need to go right back to the start and learn the fundamentals of drawing.

At the end of April I began a discipline where I draw at least 3 sketchbook pages a day on a subject relevant to my speculative ecology passion project. I made the first 2 pages of the book a table of contents so that I will be encouraged to keep on and fill up the rest. To develop accuracy and control I am drawing in pen only, eraseable media is FORBIDDEN in this book.

some tree studies from a local area

Today I began a secondary discipline where I will draw a self-portrait every day. This is to work on accuracy/control, construction, value and anatomy. I should like to assemble a year's worth and see improvement from start to finish! My first attempt using the bathroom mirror was not successful, not entirely due to incompetence but also a bad physical situation. I bought a sizeable piece of mirror glass today, hopefully that will work better than a tiny mirror fixed high up in a poorly lit room!

this is bad... tomorrow's will be less bad

Critiques: YES roast me.

I don't have much money so I probably won't be able to buy fancy books and materials but suggestions for free or low cost resources will be gratefully received. I own
"Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing From Life"
"Artist's Complete Problem And Solution Handbook" Trudy Friend
Walt Disney "Stanchfield Lectures" vol.1 and 2
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