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Recommendations on best drawing software for a beginner?

Hello everyone!
Recently I got interested again in digital drawing because I got some devices that could help me with it.
Before start drawing I made a research about best drawing software for beginners, I was even willing to waste a little money for paid software if necessary.
On my first investigation I found that a lot of digital artist recommended SAI Paint Tool, if someone is just getting started. So I decided to pay for it.
But I made a second research and found that Paint Tool doesn't even appear in best drawing software lists of 2019. Furthermore, some sites even consider Krita is a better option, even though is free software.
So now I'm confused. Even though I can afford buying Paint Tool, I don't want to buy it now if Krita is enough for me, a beginner. I think that wasting money may even be a little pretentious.
Most of digital artist agree on Photoshop being best drawing software, but I think paying for it now would be totally a waste, because I don't know even know how to use it, but I may consider buying a subscription if it would somehow help to learn digital drawing.
What do you recommend for a beginner? Paint tool or Krita?
Thanks for reading me!
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