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Re: Elements and Principles - LINE

Whew. Glad that regression is over.

I actually really love this clover. I remember doing it at work from something I pulled up online, and being so surprised that the glaze/resists did what I wanted it to do.

No idea what's happening to the right hand side.

And same here. Strange failure to the left, and something I really loved on the right. That little weed/flower was drawn from life at a bus stop, and was first time I managed some sort of washy background. Was also sketched extremely fast under pressure from the bus arriving directly on top of it!

There's no way these pages are in order...I must have completed this book later in the spring. There would have been snow on the ground in February.

But oranges are a winter thing!

And the final page... and we are DONE with this terrible paper for a bit!

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