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Re: Encouraging Beginning Drawers

Originally Posted by Sarosna
One thing I'd like to ask from you all with such great progress:

Did you have some kind of specific study schedule? Or did you just simply, draw? I'm a bit of a neurotic person myself and I keep thinking if I should do something specific. I'm not exactly a realism artist but I'd like to add more life to my characters. I've been studying gesture drawing a lot lately and it seems to help but I've also keep thinking if I should do something else?

I've thought about doing studies from existing animation movies like backgrounds and such but whenever I do it just feels like copying and I don't really feel like I'm learning anything. I feel like I learn better when doing gesture from photos/videos or from real life.
For myself, I like to work from photographs. In fact, I've done an entire series on people who lived 150 years ago ... and, of course, the animals. So photographs are at the heart of my interest. I started out copying individual photos but moved on to using several photos and doing something of a composite although I tend to use one pose. So each drawing was intentional rather than a random thing that just developed. It also requires that I really like the image before I begin because I know I am going to spend a lot of time on it ... and I also know there will be places that are terribly boring to do, But I try to bring life into my drawing ... so that the viewer wants to pet the animal or expects the subject to move momentarily. I can't explain how to do that .. but it's what I strive for.

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