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Re: Encouraging Beginning Drawers

Wow this is really encouraging. I work in retail myself and only draw/color/paint when I have the time. I find this to be really hard sometimes.

Especially after morning or 'middle shifts' (8AM-12PM etc.) I feel very tired and very unmotivated to draw. I seem to be able to paint and color just fine but drawing itself is highly stressful for some reason. The fact that work as a shop clerk is somewhat mentally exhausting doesn't really help.

I've tried to turn drawing into a relaxing exercise but it always turns into achieving. With coloring/painting I'm far more mellow and I can end up coloring for hours. With drawing I start to get restless after the first few drawings. As if I'm afraid of messing up if I continue.

I guess I just need to sit down and commit to it if I want to get better.
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