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Re: ** Daily Wash Friday 19th April 2013**

Char, I'm sure Matt will find a full-time job in time, and he'll be outstanding.
I eat a cereal I buy from Amazon called Nature's Path. It's all organic old whole grains: spelt, amaranth,quinoa, barley, etc. I love the taste and I mix it with raisins and almonds.

Geoff, I have a book of watercolors by Prince Charles. He's quite good. I don't think its available any longer.
We should try to get him to join WC.

Darla, my sump runs on and off from late January to the end of May. I was worried of the storms yesterday because if the electricity goes out, I will need backup. I took the time to make sure my generator was working and would start easily if I needed it. I set it up at the end of the garage door with it's cord ready. I had a receptacle installed thirteen years ago to feed electricity to the whole house. That way my boiler, sump pump, refrigerator, freezer and especially the coffee pot would all work. Even my TV works with it. Think about it as it will give you good peace of mind.

Gail, You are right about the need for excitement. I usually only sleep five hours at night, and I know that's not enough to stay healthy, so I try to get more later. My nap gave me another two hours and I feel much better.
I hope Dan's surgery went well.

Sylvia, glad you didn't get violent storms. They skipped us too.

Be kinder than necessary

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