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Re: Stitch in Time August 2019

Lena, the doll artist/author is Sharon Mitchell. Following her directions I got a really cute face even tho' I didn't use the correct fabric. Her instructions were really clear. Sorry about the herbs in the dehydrator causing smells and itching. I've always dried my herbs in bundles hanging upside-down from something. I do have a rack my late father made for me. But I've also just strung up some clothes line and hung them from there. Tho' I've not tried hanging chives up to dry. Never had enough of them.

No doll news to report. I tried re-starting an exercise program and ended up out of commission with soreness. Couldn't lift my arms up to brush my hair. I only worked out for 3 minutes!?! Soreness is subsiding. Debating if it's worth trying again.
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