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Re: Ganesha

First, I like the painting. (But then, I'm a fan of Ganesh.)

But, there are some problems, IMO.

I don't like the at the top right, and left, above Gonesh' head. The black is too harsh, and doesn't fit the environment. The text doesn't look carved, or painted, onto the "wall" behind Ganesh; it just looks superimposed. (Solid black does that; it often separates--visually--from the surrounding imagery.)

I really like the "relief" shapes in the back of the chair--BUT, it looks more three-dimensional (because it is higher contrast) than Ganesh. A problem, because this is the middle ground, and Ganesh is in the foreground. Areas of high-contrast advance, so either reduce the contrast in the relief (drapery, upholstery?), or increase the contrast on Ganesh.

Last, the "architecture" above Ganesh (the way the columns merge with the ceiling) is nice: interesting, without being distracting.

The way the architecture merges into the floor, is far less so. There, things look stylized, unrealistic, and poorly designed.

All that aside, yes, I think this is an image worth printing. I think it is a good painting that--with a few minor changes--could be a very good painting.

Best wishes!

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