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Re: PAL (Paint-a Long): Painting glass and Metal

4 h after the last entry.
Estimated time to finish - ~8 -10 h from here.

Working on middle facets, rt to left.
Two reasons...
Because I;m left-handed and so work rt to left.
Where my easel is positioned on my garage workbench, I cannot easily reach the top portion of the ptg.
(It's under the fluorescent light.)
I will do this part of the ptg upside down (the ptg, not me)].

Oh, the marks on the left?
Indications of where the bottoms of the ellipses are.
The centers are vertical from the center of the starburst in the middle of the ptg.
(The white line is NOT the center but a reflection from the starburst.)
See the earlier sketch.

The palette? Burnt sienna, yellow ochre, napth red, cad yello med, tit wihite, payne's, cobalt blue (so far)

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