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Re: PAL (Paint-a Long): Painting glass and Metal

Cathy - won't comment except to say you're doing fine! (as it is a WIP!)
Things to remember - check where you need a sharp change of colour for a clean edge and also where the tones are close and you need clarity of form but subtle changes of colour.

Colour charts - always a good idea
I wouldn't add extra coats as long as you've tried to be consistent with the loading on the brush.
If it doesn't cover solidly, it's a transparent colour, so adding more will give a false reading. OR, it may just also be a dark colour close in tone to the base black strip.

Susan - I'm so proud of you! - this is good - the way you've treated the different coloured bottles and kept their 'old' look ... love the little one! .. the corks are good too and all the little idiosyncrasies! The pale b/g is very complimentary, doesn't detract at all.
Earlier I was a little concerned about the physical space at the bottom of the green and white bottles and whether they'd actually fit there but I looked closely at the ref and I think it was the distortion making it appear too close! The only crit I'd make is to say tone down the highlight on the lady's skirt - but that's extremely minor!
Really good work from life - it makes you LOOK doesn't it?
Very believable glass bottles m'girl!

Well, I painted yesterday, came back to it today to find the leaves had changed overnight - but ne'er mind, it is what it is!

On textured mountboard, about 2.5 hrs. - from a set up of a blue-stemmed glass, blue hydrangeas in the box! I decided to keep the acid yellow paper I had in earlier but you can tell me if it's too much!

My main difficulty with acrylics is trying to get them THICK and luscious on the board/paper/canvas. I have tendency to paint the paint out too much and can't seem to make myself just lay it on ...... probably a result of too much work with inks and watercolours and too long away from oils

The set-up first ...

The painting, approx 11"x15" -

Cheers, Maureen

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