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Re: PAL (Paint-a Long): Painting glass and Metal are so brave... I have left the floats "scare" me.

As for color charts...I say I will, but probaly won't... I have learned that the Matisse Australian colors all tend to be more transparent than I'd hoped... but such is life. The way I paint, I don't use as many transparent paints, but always good to have a few around, if you need a wash or glaze.

Am a little tired of details... make my hands hurt. I don't think I will ever paint photo realistically! A little bit of realism goes a long way! But I persevered with this one, even tho' a couple people wondered why I was doing any more to it? Just was not "right yet"...imo. Made the mistake of adding way too much yellow to the bg...and then had to paint it out this am. Still learning about warm and cool colors and when and where to use them. I definitely saw that if the bottles were warm, a warm bg just killed them. When I cooled the bg, I felt like they became the focal point again. I did fix the bottom right elipse...saw how off it was as I got it ready to post.

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