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2nd WIP and my other projects....

Dang! I don't peek in here for 2 days and you guys have been busy B's!!! New paintings, new reference photos and still life set-ups...the paintings look great! I was thinking of doing a still life setup with my own glass floats, yet I thought we had to use a photo from the RIL. Oh well, maybe the next one will be ... depending on when we have to start on the "metals" part I may have time to try a still life.

Then again, I could set up my old bottles with natural color variations due to age and condition. these bottles come complete with "BUBBLES!!!" . These are hand-blown, so the glass is varied in thickness and bubbles are present! That's what I'll do!!! Now, I'm excited!!!!

Ok, first I need to finish my 2nd "floats painting" which is a WIP ... Remember that folks! It - Is - Not - Finished - Yet - ! If you see anything, beside the obvious 'unfinished factor', give a shout out of how to improve. I'm just posting it, so you all know I have been painting and there is still a lot to do, so comments aren't really even necessary -- I KNOW what's wrong with it! It ain't "done" yet.

Btw, bottles turn a light purple from being buried in the ground for a long time... I don't know why, I just know they do.

OOPS! I almost forgot to include the painting. Wouldn't have that been a shame? Freudian slip?

Again, the ref. first:

Now, my 2nd and "unfinished" painting, which will be matted to 4 by 5.5":

Oh, so you don't think I have been twiddling my thumbs over here ... besides making 'tongue depressor' paint swatches as suggested somewhere on WC (thick application, medium application and mixed 50% with white); I finished up today making a reference chart with all my paint colors as far as transparency goes. (I saw that on a youtube video) Here's the chart, and please ignore the pencil marks, I'll be putting on the color names and pigment nos. with proper labels:

My only question is if I should put a second coat of paint on each one. Some of the 'blues' I can't tell if they are transparent or if the color is so close to black....Thank you all!

Oh, I'm also working on trying another painting of Shep, using smooth watercolor paper and thinner applications of paint. Sort of like I'm doing with the floats, so it's good practice!

See, I've been busy too!
- Cathy
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