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Re: PAINT-A-LONG anyone interested in joining us?

Oh welcome Bhavani - finished or not!

Virginia - don't mind black b/g at all - glad to have you here

Bhavani - if you look at the ref. you'll see the water is quite a lot darker at the horizon - increasing the depth there, making it lighter towards the fron and where the waves are visible will give the sense of distance we're all after

The sky is lovely - nice blending ther
I do like your light in the foreground - and the path helps to lead us in - that's why I wanted one too
Your sea oats are good too.
Yes - good to have this - thanks for joining us with your energy Good example of an interpretation of a ref.

Colin - get those high-tech gizmos out for the blending of the sky ...... well, the spray will help if you do want to add another coat and blend .... I hope you do You should still be able to keep the painting light and use the paint thinly ... actually, my paint is fairly thhin too, it's scrubbed and blended so much!

Back to the easel .............
Cheers, Maureen

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