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Talking PAINT-A-LONG anyone interested in joining us?(Beach scene/sunset)

Another member (ColinS) and I are having a Paint-a-long doing a reasonably simple sunset and beach scene.

If you are interested in giving it a go, please join us in this thread and share your work at various stages.

This is the reference, by kind permission of Beth (blarkin) -

St. George's Island, Florida.

************************************************** **

I'm using a deep-sided canvas, triple primed, 20x28".

I've increased the saturation on the original - purely for my on purposes. Others may prefer to keep the colours lighter.

I also wanted a lower eye-level so did a couple of very quick thumbnail sketches to see that it would work OK.

Remember, a reference is just that - a starting point and inspiration

I'm using mostly regular heavy-body paints (Cryla, Liquitex, W&N) but also some Atelier Interactives because of the colour - mixed with the ordinary acrylics the working time for the Interactives is reduced somewhat.

My colours -
Tit. White, Medium Magenta, Napthol Crimson, Prussian Blue (Interactive), Naples Yellow Deep, Arylamide yellow light (Inter.) and Brilliant Blue.(Liquitex)

Brushes for the sky - a 1" house painting brush and a 3/4" acrylic (Royal Soft-grip)

Plus a spray bottle for misting.

I laid masking tape along the horizon line to keep it straight!

I first sprayed the canvas to keep the paints as soft as possible for blending - add water as and when necessary during the process.

Keep brushstrokes as long and horizontal as possible.
I started with the white and pruss. blue and worked down from the top - working right across the canvas with each stroke.
clean brush before adding the yellow - and similarly, work down through other colours towards the horizon.

When dry, I re-taped the horizon to keep the sea line straight and clean before blocking in sea - adding a medium to (supposedly) seal the line and prevent seepage.

Didn't work! (.. and just as I was starting to clean the line, friends called - so I have that to do again!)

So I'm now just about ready to block in the sand dunes and also to decide if the sky needs more adjusting. The water will get more work!.

1 - the rough th'nails!

2. First pass at sky

3 first blocking of sea.

I hope to add more tomorrow.

I hope some others might like to join me here and keep me company
Cheers, Maureen

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